Efficient skincare products from natural active ingredients & thyme honey

Discover our anti-ageing skin care products, produced with clinically tested thyme honey

The Unique Benefits of Thyme Honey for Skin Regeneration

A natural cosmetics line powered by the extraordinary wound healing properties of our key ingredient : Thyme Honey. Studied for more than 25 years in the University of Limoges by Dr. Descottes, Thyme Honey is recognized as the most healing honey among hundreds of varieties.

The production of our products is 100% French and, while the quest for botanical extracts sometimes leads us to use plants from different countries, our honey comes from the same French apiary which provides a renowned hospital center.

Natural, clean & safe

We are proudly producing serious skin care products with no toxic chemicals (no paraben, no phthalates, no silicones, no phenoxyethanol) , for natural, clean and safe formulas

Thyme Honey

Thyme honey is the best honey to soothe and regenerate your skin

Cruelty Free & Bees Protection

Ethics mean a lot to us, that is why our products are not tested on animals. We also contribute to bees protection by donating 1% of our benefits to BEE FUND, a non profit organization

Made in France

Our production is 100% Made in France

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