Our Values:


Our formulas contain many ingredients that are well-known for their anti-aging properties. The main ingredient in our formulas is Thyme Honey. Thyme Honey is a miracle ingredient infused in all our products, combining tradition and advanced technology. This honey is reknown for its incredible wound healing properties, and its skincare repair benefits. Sudied for more than 25 years by Professeur Descottes at the hospital of Limoges, Thyme Honey has been recognized as the most repairing honey among hundreds of varieties. It is now also used at the hospital of Saint-Brieuc to heal different types of wounds.

On top of the magical Thyme Honey and its capacities to repair the skin, our formulas are infused with a large number of botanical active ingredients, such as rose or helychrisum waters, well known for their properties to help repair cells and soften the skin.




The brand A&B was founded on a conviction : the best ingredients are found in the nature, and nature is our best inspiration ! That is the reason why we have selected many botanical active ingredients for our formulas, ingredients that respect your skin.

Our formulas contain up to 97% of ingredients of natural origin, and a large part of those derive from organic farming.

We are very careful in selecting our ingredients and try to use a maximum number of natural actives, that is also why our formulas are free of parabens, silicones, phtalates and phenoxiethanol. On top, we use an ECOCERT certified preservative.